Exciting Executive Appointment! My colleague God-is Rivera was just appointed Global Director of Culture and Community for Twitter.  What an amazing young woman and she deserves to be celebrated.  She is a natural beauty and is going to shake up the world of Twitter.  Let me know if you want to connect with her.  I can forward you her email.  https://www.adweek.com/agencies/vmls-god-is-rivera-fosters-diversity-inside-the-agency-and-among-clients/


Grammy Award Winner Jeff Redd has had an amazing year with the release of new music and is slated for some more upcoming projects in 2019.   His remake of Marvin Gaye’s I Want You and other hits were well received.  On National Radio Day, Jeff hosted the 7p-10p timeslot on New York’s 103.9 FM.  The reception was overwhelming!   It also is well-known that Jeff discovered Mary J. Blige and last month the Centennial Celebration of Urban League, Westchester NY had him present her with a lifetime tribute and key to the city of her hometown of Yonkers, NY.  What a touching tribute!  Stay tuned for more updates…


NOVEMBER is National Adoption Awareness Month and I am helping to raise awareness for it by working with Spence-Chapin (SC).  They are a 150 year old national agency located right here in Manhattan with a bunch of things planned this month.   They are especially looking to help connect adoptees with LGBTQ and African American parents.  They also help connect pregnant women with potential adoptive parents.   They are anxious to dispel myths and educate everyone about the experience.  Timely with Mark Walberg’s film, Instant Family I saw because of SC, btw.  What a lovely movie, bring tissues!!  https://www.spence-chapin.org/nam.  Spence Chapin is having a gathering at Prohibition on the Upper West Side on 11/14.  It would be a great night to meet the team and some of the families….


I was able to pull together a powerful, free town hall on NOVEMBER 15TH called I Believe Women: Sexual Assault Beyond  A Reasonable Doubt.   We were able to secure the beautiful Acorn Theatre in Times Square and some amazing panelists.  The Commissioner on Domestic Violence and the Deputy Commissioner of the NYC on Human Rights and more. The purpose of this panel is to provide attendees with TANGIBLE information and direct access to the people who are doing the work on behalf of everyday New Yorkers when it comes to sexual assault, rape, harassment and violence.  I hope you can spread the word. http://globalspectrumgroup.com/2018/11/06/i-believe-women-november-15th-event-press-release/.  This town hall will be the first of many!


DECEMBER 1st is World AIDS Day and Iris House in Harlem has just celebrated 25 years of fighting for the lives of women and their families.  It would be great to feature the Executive Director Ingrid Floyd as a December 1st story.  I think she is phenomenal.  A real fighter!  I had a chance to help them with their gala in October.  Check out the link http://www.irishouse.org/25th-anniversary.html / press release:http://www.irishouse.org/celebrating-25-years.html